Seminar & Conference

Seminars and Conferences

This page is regularly updated as new information becomes available. Please contact a hosting organization or company to get more information about application forms. JAC shall no responsibility for any damages caused by using or being unable to use our information or website.

2021/06/01JAC West Japan region Webinar Series 2021
【Date 】June to December, 2021
【Host 】JAC West Japan region
【Theme】Dizziness and Headache


2021/05/16JAC West Japan region Conference 2021
【Date 】May 16 and 17, 2021
【Host 】JAC West Japan region
【Venue】Hyogo Chuo Rodo Center
【Theme】Posture and Pregnant care


2021/02/07JAC Hokkaido region Webinar No.3
【Date 】February 7, 2021
【Host 】JAC Hokkaido region
【Theme】Hand Paralysis After Stroke


2021/01/3111th JCR-IBCE Registration Exam
【Date 】January 31, 2021
【Venue 】Shimbashi IK Building, Tokyo
【Host 】Japan Chiropractic Register
【Partner】International Board of Chiropractic Examiners


2021/01/24JAC Hokkaido region Webinar No.2
【Date 】January 24, 2021
【Host 】JAC Hokkaido region
【Theme】Carpal tunnel syndrome