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Membership Application

JAC welcomes new members if you are eligible such as DCs, approved CSC graduates and Safety Training Program graduates or candidates to apply to our association. Please inform us your email or postal address to receive a membership application form, our latest newsletter and the guide book. Once when your application is successfully accepted and completed, we would greatly appreciate your payment for annual membership fee to the following bank account as below.

Membership Application Form (English version)

Japanese Association of Chiropractors Ltd.

(Ippan Shadan Hojin Nihon Kairopurakuta-zu Kyoukai)

Mizuho Trust and Banking (Mizuho Ginkoh)
Shimbashi Chuo Branch
Account Number: 2075797 (Normal Bank Account)

Type of fee cost
New member Fee 30,000 Yen (initial cost only)
Full Membership Fee 35,000 Yen
1st year graduate Membership Fee 15,000 Yen
2nd year graduate Membership Fee 25,000 Yen
Overseas Full Membership Fee 20,000 Yen
Student Membership Fee 5,000 Yen

You can select one of the following payment methods to pay the membership fee, automatic withdrawal (pre-registration required) or transferring into bank account. Transferring your membership fee into the bank account cost extra 1,000 yen for administrative fee.

Practicing chiropractic in Japan

We are receiving many enquiries regarding practicing chiropractic in Japan. Currently Japan does not regulate chiropractic profession, so there is not much opportunity to practice chiropractic for foreigners as the government does not recognize chiropractic licenses from overseas. In order to practice chiropractic in Japan, the followings are required;

Working Visa

Applying for a working visa as a chiropractor is very difficult while most foreign chiropractors practice with a spouse visa.

Immigration Bureau of Japan

Language competency

Most residents speak only Japanese language so that you need at least an intermediate language skill to communicate with patients.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test