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WFC Biennial Congress d & Assembly

April 27th 2009

For the 10th WFC Assembly Country Report

Good afternoon my colleague, On behalf of Japanese Association of Chiropractors, I Hiro Nakatsuka, report about Japan.

During last few years Japan has made steady progress. Several great movements have occurred.

JAC was named a representative group of chiropractic division in the Society for Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ) since its initiation. It is affiliated with the Integrative Medicine Legislators Organization. We expect many chiropractors will register as an IMJ certified chiropractor to promote integrative medicine in Japan for the chiropractic legislation.

JAC lobbies for the chiropractic legislation in connection with the Japanese Democratic Party, currently an opposition but has manifest of establishing the Integrative Medical system including chiropractic. If the Democratic party wins on the next election within next 5 months, It will open the new stage for chiropractic legislation.

Japanese Chiropractic Registers (JCR) has started functioning since 2008 as a registration body for chiropractors. The purpose of this organization is to register all WHO standard chiropractors for the government and publics by administering the examinations to Chiropractic Standardaization Course and full program graduates.

Currently about 650 chiropractors in Japan complete the WHO educational standards. However there are still some schools promoting their institute
as 'WHO standard' by running short cut courses with less than 4 years 4200 hours education.

Since WHO guideline was published some local groups use it to create a new profession "Myotherapist" which is totally different from WHO's initial intention.
We have a strong concern for it. The Board has decided to be against to it.

Still oversea lecturers come to Japan to teach unqualified practitioners without consulting JAC. It has been repeated a problem for a long time.

As is often the case with Chiropractic Profession Good and bad things always co-exist. However we fixed our mind to establish a respectful and ethical profession in Japan.

Prepared and presented by Dr Hiro Nakatsuka