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WFC Biennial Congress JAPAN COUNTRY REPORT 2007 Algarve Portugal & Assembly

May 15th 2007

For the 9th WFC Assembly Country Report

Good afternoon my colleagues, on behalf of Japanese Association of Chiropractors, I Hiro Nakatsuka, Report about Japan.
In Japan Chiropractic is neither regulated nor legislated however since the decision of 1960 supreme court case it allows anyone to practice manual therapies including chiropractic as long as no harm to the public. We can practice chiropractic within the range which doesn't invade the medical practice defined by law. As nowadays popularity of chiropractic grows, Japanese Ministry of Health tacitly recognizes chiropractic as a part of alternative medicine without license. Chiropractic practice is limited to chiropractic manipulation and assessment. Anything which covers medical practice such as making diagnosis and taking x-ray are not allowed. JAC is planning to set up the regulation standard onto the regulatory board exam starting from end of 2009 to all practitioners who practice chiropractic.

Number of association member is 321 consisting of 296 full members and 25 student members. The association is a government incorporated association. We have national health care insurance in Japan but doesn't cover any chiropractic care and only limited to legislated practices such as medicine, accupuncture, bonesetter and masseur.

Officially there's no chiropractic education standard however RMIT Japan was accredited by ACCE, Murdoch university started international level of College education in Japan. and ICC are operating and many short term courses (mainly 1-2 year part time courses) exist in Japan.

At last congress JAC announced that Graduate of internationally unaccepted level education must take the examination to register as a chiropractic technician in 2009 and 2010. However we decided to postpone the examination for a chiropractic technician until board feels ready for it.

Several Japanese institutions have requested overseas institutions to assist their educational programs (Anatomy sessions and technical instructions). Many of oversea institutions have assisted with good will. Instead sometimes it was used for their own organizational gain for Japanese side. I would like to warn organizations outside Japan to be cautious in becoming involved in educational and professional activities in Japan.

I would like to ask each of you to assist us and we will make every effort for an ethical, respectable chiropractic profession in Japan.

Prepared and presented by Dr Hiro Nakatsuka