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Council Members

world federation of chiropractic
WFC Executive Council Members and Executive Staff
African Region Kendrah da Silva DC South Africa
Asian Region Kei Takeyachi DC Secretary Treasurer Japan
Eastern Mediterranean Region Efstathios Papadopoulos DC Cyprus
European Region Vivian Kil DC President Netherlands
European Region Gian Joerger DC Switzerland
Latin American Region Carlos Ayers DC President Peru
North American Region Gerald Olin DC Canada
North American Region David Peeace DC Canada
North American Region Michele Maiers DC Vice President USA - ACA
North American Region Holly Tucker DC USA - ACA
North American Region John Maltby DC USA - ICA
Pacific Region Andrew Lawrence DC Australia
WFC Office Richard Brown DC, LLM Secretary General
160 Eglinton Avenue East Suite # 601 Toronto Ontario Canada M4P 3B5
Tel: 1 416 484 9978 Fax: 1 416 484 9665
E-mail: URL:

WFC Presidents

  1. Gary Auerbach  USA (1989-1992)
  2. Christoph Diem  Switzerland (1992-1995)
  3. John Sweaney  Australia (1995-1998)
  4. Louis Sportelli  USA (1998-2000)
  5. Bruce Vaughan  Hong Kong (2000-2002)
  6. Paul Carry  Canada (2002-2004)
  7. Anthony Metcalfe  UK (2004-2006)
  8. Gerard Clum  USA (2006-2008)
  9. Efstathios Papadopoulos  Cyprus (2008-2010)
  10.  J. Michael Flynn  USA (2010-2012)
  11. Dennis Richards Australia (2012-2014)
  12. Greg Stewart Canada (2014-2016)
  13. Espen Johannessen Norway (2016-2018)
  14. Laurie Tassell Australia (2018-2019)
  15. Vivian Kil Netherlands (2019-2021)
  16. Carlos Ayres Peru (2021-)