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About WFC

The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) is an international body consisting of 85 national associations and has an official relationship with World Health Organization (WHO) as an NGO. WFC promotes high standards of chiropractic education, research and practice in the international community and provide advice on appropriate legislation for chiropractic in member countries. Japanese Association of Chiropractors (JAC) is a Japanese national member of the WFC since 1999. WFC is also an associate member of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) that was established by WHO and UNESCO.

Affiliated organizations: WHO (World Health Organization), CIOMS (Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences), IBCE (International Board of Chiropractic Examiners), FICS (International Federation of Sports Chiropractic), ACC (Association of Chiropractic Colleges), FCLB (Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards), CCEI (Councils on Chiropractic Education International) and WCCS (World Congress of Chiropractic Students).
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WFC Assemblies and Biennial Congresses

WFC established Sydney, Australia May, 1988
1st Assembly & Congress Toronto, Canada May, 1991
2nd Assemb & Congressly London, United Kingdom May, 1993
3rd Assembly & Congress Washington DC, USA July, 1995
4th Assembly & Congress Tokyo, Japan June, 1997
5th Assembly & Congress Auckland, New Zealand May, 1999
6th Assembly & Congress Paris, France May, 2001
7th Assembly & Congress Orlando, USA May, 2003
8th Assembly & Congress Sydney, Australia July, 2005
9th Assembly & Congress Vilamoura, Portugal May, 2007
10th Assembly & Congress Montreal, Canada May, 2009
11th Assembly & Congress Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April, 2011
12th Assembly & Congress Durban, South Africa April, 2013
13th Assembly & Congress Athens, Greece May, 2015
14th Assembly & Congress Washington DC, USA March, 2017
15th Assembly & Congress Berlin, Germany March, 2019
16th Assembly & Congress Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September, 2021

WFC Council meetings

1st Council meeting Toronto, Canada 1989
2nd Council meeting Geneva, Switzerland 1991
3rd Council meeting Hong Kong 1992
4th Council meeting Cancun, Mexico 1994
5th Council meeting Nicosia, Cyprus 1996
6th Council meeting Cape Town, South Africa 1998
7th Council meeting Canela, Brazil 2000
8th Council meeting Toronto, Canada 2002
9th Council meeting Singapore 2004
10th Council meeting Johannesburg, South Africa 2006
11th Council meeting Seoul, South Korea 2008
12th Council meeting Budapest, Hungary 2010
13th Council meeting Hong Kong 2012
14th Council meeting Puerto Rico, USA 2014
15th Council meeting Dubai, UAE 2016
16th Council meeting Lima, Peru 2018