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Questions and Answers about working in Japan

We are receiving many questions regarding chiropractic practice in Japan. Since Japan does not regulate the chiropractic profession, there is no opportunity for non-Japanese people to practice chiropractic as the government does not recognize chiropractic licenses from overseas.

How can I work as a chiropractor in Japan?

Unless having a working visa (although a working visa is not issued for chiropractic profession), it is not possible to work as a chiropractor.

How can I apply for a working visa in Japan?

Applying for a working visa as a chiropractor is very difficult while most foreign chiropractors practice with a spouse visa.

Working Visa

Immigration Bureau of Japan

Do I need to speak Japanese if I want to practice in Japan?

Most local residents speak only Japanese language so that you need at least an intermediate language skill to communicate with local patients.
Language competency

Japanese Language Proficiency Test